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10/06/11 Gorinchem, The Netherlands – At Canyon we feel it is our responsibility, as a corporation, to take initiatives that will positively contribute to the world around us. Children are our future, and we believe in a world in which every child has the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

It was announced last fall that Canyon was committed to donate 5% of profits made from sales of the Limited Edition to a child aid project, with the hope to give children a chance in society and to make a lasting, long term difference on a community. “Such project is an excellent opportunity for Canyon to empower underprivileged children and to positively contribute to their future. It is a cause that is very close to our heart”, confirms Catherine Lazure-Guinard, Communications Manager. 

Early this year, Canyon was pleased to not only be able to contribute to one but two projects. Indeed, the money gathered for children exceeded expectations, and Canyon was able to complete classrooms for the Green Valley School in Uganda, as well as to provide clean water for a remote mountain school in Thailand.

We are proud to contribute to the well-being of children and their family”, said Geert van Dijk, VP Sales & Marketing at Canyon. “Whether it is by providing clean water, access to education or shelter, we are committed to make a difference on a community.”

Canyon carefully selects organizations and projects that are fully integrated in local culture and structures, in areas such as health care, education, safe water, housing and family support. Partnering with Net4Kids Aid Foundation for this exciting project was a logical choice for Canyon.

The Dutch non-profit organization helped Canyon with its mission to help getting children off the streets and provide them with opportunities for a better future. Thanks to Net4Kids’s model, Canyon will have the opportunity to be directly involved with sponsored projects, and to follow progress made on a regular basis. “We stand for a personal approach, with transparency and accountability. In the end that is what all parties are looking for, children and sponsors and aid organizations alike.” – Loek and Anke van den Boog, Founders of Net4Kids.

Projects recently completed:

Green Valley School in Uganda
This project helps orphans and widows by offering them education and a lasting future. Residential areas are also built on the school premises; meaning over 500 needy children can also have a safe home. The school will also provide children with daily meals and school uniforms.



Clean water for a mountain school in Thailand
In collaboration with the Samsara Foundation, Canyon collaborated to the installation of a water purification machine, and a cement water collecting tank to store the rainwater during the rainy season to use in the dry season. Children studying at the school now have access to clean drinking water.

About Net4Kids
Net4kids is a non-profit internet platform that puts sponsors in contact with special child aid projects in Africa and Asia. Sponsor involvement is significant. They select their own project via and regularly get personal feedback. Also, 100% of the donated funds is guaranteed to go to the supported project. All overhead costs are covered by organization sponsors. “Fully internet based, Net4Kids represents new style charity, where aid is transparent and organizations are accountable. Support has never been as simple.”

To find out more about Net4Kids, visit or click here!

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Iunie 15, 2011
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