Canyon Stripes edition
Earphones for those who love sports
Trendy design, great sound and sports usability
Around-ear quality headset
Decembrie 15, 2014 Around-ear quality headset
Stay online and have fun
Zipper Cable Earphones by Canyon
Forget about cable tangling
«Life is» Limited collection of iPhone and tablet cases
According to Canyon, life is amazing!
To see and listen!
Septembrie 29, 2014 To see and listen!
Bletooth speaker and tablet stand in one by Canyon
Perfect pair for any tablet was presented by Canyon
The novelty of the season
The easiest and handiest mouse by Canyon
New mouse by Canyon will become essential
Leather iPhone case
Decembrie 19, 2012 Leather iPhone case
Canyon launches ultra-slim iPhone case
iPhone 5 case
Decembrie 16, 2012 iPhone 5 case
Canyon introduces hand-made PU leather case
NEW!! Bluetooth headset
Decembrie 13, 2012 NEW!! Bluetooth headset
Canyon introduces stylish Bluetooth headsets
Stereo Earphones
Decembrie 09, 2012 Stereo Earphones
Stylish earphones for music junkies
Canyon launches 2 stylus pens
Decembrie 08, 2012 Canyon launches 2 stylus pens
Canyon comes with kit of 2 stylus pens
Cool earphones by Canyon
Decembrie 07, 2012 Cool earphones by Canyon
Canyon introduces stylish earphones
Stylus Pen by Canyon
Decembrie 05, 2012 Stylus Pen by Canyon
Canyon will come with new 2-1 stylus pen
Smartphone and Tablet accessories
CANYON introduces a complete smartphones and tablets accessories assortment
Select your music!
Noiembrie 07, 2012 Select your music!
Read about the trends in music.
New laptop bag available!
Noiembrie 01, 2012 New laptop bag available!
Canyon launched this new stylish laptop bag.
New earbuds headphones
Octombrie 18, 2012 New earbuds headphones
Canyon launched again a new cool product!
Your Canyon news
Octombrie 10, 2012 Your Canyon news
Canyon is already working on new accessories for iPhone5.
New limited edition available!
Septembrie 25, 2012 New limited edition available!
Canyon just launched the latest limited edition.
Canyon's new Product Magazine is out!
Discover our new Product Magazine with over 100 colorful pages.
It's all about dancing
August 17, 2012 It's all about dancing
What is the best thing to do in the summer besides listening music? Here you can see what it is!
Canyon introduces its iStand
Canyon is launching two new products: two innovative stands for your tablet or iPad!
Where to go this summer?
Iulie 19, 2012 Where to go this summer?
Canyon made a selection of the best summer music festivals!
New products arrived in the Green Series
Two no-nonsense webcams for enjoyable video calling at a high definition quality!
Summer is on the way!
Iunie 26, 2012 Summer is on the way!
What will you wear on the beach? Canyon shows you some great trends to inspire you!
Stereo speaker set
Iunie 19, 2012 Stereo speaker set
Canyon launched its compact and stylisch speaker set.
Canyon sings a partnership agreement with X-Factor
The winner of X-Factor Bulgaria Raffi sings with Canyon headphone
Canyon introduces its Volume Series
Canyon has released its latest assortment.
Lithuania Street Music Day and Extreem sport Festival
On the 18th of May Lithuania sponsored in Vilnius the Street Music Awards
Aprilie 25, 2012 STEALTH
Canyon to Launch its All-Black Stealth Series
16" Top loader laptop bag
Aprilie 23, 2012 16" Top loader laptop bag
Top loader bag with dedicated computer compartment, fits up to 16" laptops.
16" Messenger notebook bag
Aprilie 20, 2012 16" Messenger notebook bag
The CNR-NB28, Messenger bag with padded compartment for notebooks up to 16"
16" Notebook Backpack
Aprilie 16, 2012 16" Notebook Backpack
The new CNR-NB27 backpack for 16" notebooks.
Green Series Webcams
Martie 28, 2012 Green Series Webcams
1.3 Megapixel (enhanced) web camera's, a part of Canyon's environment-friendly Green series.
Spring is in the air
Martie 23, 2012 Spring is in the air
The Spring & Summer Collection: Stripes!
Limited Editions available in Latin America.
Latin America introduces Canyons latest Limited Editions.
Canyon introduces new Backpack
Februarie 27, 2012 Canyon introduces new Backpack
Backpack with padded compartment for notebooks up to 16”.
Stand type desk microphone CNR-MIC3
Desktop microphone with flexible and adjustable stand, on-off/mute switch.
New messenger bag - CNR-NB26
Februarie 21, 2012 New messenger bag - CNR-NB26
Top loader bag combining practicality and durability, suitable for up to 16'' laptop.
Green Series Headset
Februarie 20, 2012 Green Series Headset
Stereo headset, a part of Canyon's environment-friendly Green series.
Canyon reveals new packing
Februarie 16, 2012 Canyon reveals new packing
Canyon introduces new packing in 2012.
New powerline adapter
Octombrie 20, 2011 New powerline adapter
Canyon introduces new powerline adapter that takes advantage of existing electrical wiring .
Canyon introduces Green edition
Octombrie 17, 2011 Canyon introduces Green edition
This autumn Canyon reveals its new Edition; the Green line.
Q&A with Hugh Turvey
Octombrie 14, 2011 Q&A with Hugh Turvey
An interview with the artist who designed the X-ray Limited Edition.
New Canyon heapdhone
Iunie 21, 2011 New Canyon heapdhone
Are you looking for a stylish headphone, check out here!
Canyon reveals new heapdhone!
Style and design meets high-quality sound with the CNR-HP4.
Children are the future
Iunie 15, 2011 Children are the future
Early this year, Canyon was pleased to not only be able to contribute to one but two projects.
New trendy Heapdhone
Iunie 13, 2011 New trendy Heapdhone
Canyon reveals a new stylish headphone with great sound quality!
CANYON to Extend Sales of its Graffiti Limited Edition
Canyon extends their Graffiti Limited Edition
New wireless mouse
Februarie 16, 2011 New wireless mouse
Enjoy more freedom when working on your PC or Notebook with this wireless mouse.
Canyon introduces new earplugs
Februarie 11, 2011 Canyon introduces new earplugs
Explore now our new earplugs to listen to your favourite music
Cool trendy headset
Februarie 04, 2011 Cool trendy headset
Canyon offers you two new trendy headsets in black and white
New high quality Canyon mouse
Februarie 03, 2011 New high quality Canyon mouse
Canyon offers you a new advancerd Super Optical mouse
New Stylish mouse
Ianuarie 25, 2011 New Stylish mouse
Explore now our new CNR-MSO05x
Win a Trip to NYC with Canyon: The Winners Announced!
Check now who the winners are of the New York trip
Trendy Graffiti Speaker
Decembrie 09, 2010 Trendy Graffiti Speaker
Find out our new product in the Graffiti Line
Win a Trip to New York
Noiembrie 29, 2010 Win a Trip to New York
Upload your coolest picture on Facebook and win the trip!!!!!
Canyon supports school in Uganda
With the Limited Edition Canyon raised their first amount for Orphans in Uganda
Last day of Canyon roadshow
Septembrie 10, 2010 Last day of Canyon roadshow
Today we finish the roadshow in Bucharest!!!!
Last week of the Canyon Roadshow
Septembrie 08, 2010 Last week of the Canyon Roadshow
Today it is already the second last of the Canyon Roadshow, check out the news.
CANYON Roadshow present Limited Edition
On monday 31th, of August Canyon wil visit 10 capitals in 10 days
New packaging for the Limited Edition!!
Find out how the packages will appear in the shelves.
CANYON Reveals Graffiti Limited Edition
For the first time Canyon present their Limited Edition!!
CANYON to Donate 5% of Profits to Child Aid
With the Limited Edition Canyon helps Net4Kids
Back To School with Canyon
Pick among our wide range of clever and trendy solutions for your desktop PC or Notebooks, whatever your budget is.
New comfortable bag
Iunie 28, 2010 New comfortable bag
This new trendy notebook bag is practical and stylish!
Optical Mouse with a trendy look
This new mouse in fresh colors offers you a pleasant navigation.
Stylish speaker set
Iunie 21, 2010 Stylish speaker set
You will be impressed of the sound quality of this compact speaker set!
New USB speaker set
Iunie 17, 2010 New USB speaker set
This coloful USB speaker set has a compact size for easy positioning
New mouse with ergonomic design
This mouse offers you precise tracking with his Super Optical sensor
New trendy speakers
Iunie 10, 2010 New trendy speakers
This new colorful speakers are ideal to carry around when you are on the go!
New Wireless Laser Mice
Aprilie 19, 2010 New Wireless Laser Mice
Two new Wireless Laser mice, which offers the same specifications but with a different design.
New super optical mice
Aprilie 15, 2010 New super optical mice
Available in black with pink, blue, orange or silver
Bright colored mice
Aprilie 08, 2010 Bright colored mice
New wireless optical mouse in fresh design
Wireless internet connection
For a fast and smooth wireless internet connection
New wireless mouse
Martie 18, 2010 New wireless mouse
To enjoy more freedom when working on your notebook
New stylish mouse
Martie 15, 2010 New stylish mouse
New stylish mouse with sleek design and contoured shape
Portable DVD writers
Ianuarie 27, 2010 Portable DVD writers
An ideal accessory for netbook users who wish for more possibilities.
Cleaning kits from Canyon
Noiembrie 24, 2009 Cleaning kits from Canyon
Cleans discs and screens from computers, television, iPhones and iPods!
More new bags!
Noiembrie 17, 2009 More new bags!
Canyon has 3 new models of notebook bags, in black with cool lime green detailing.
New Netbook bags!
Octombrie 23, 2009 New Netbook bags!
Ideal to carry around laptops and netbooks up to 10"
New Fun-Looking Photo Frames
Octombrie 19, 2009 New Fun-Looking Photo Frames
Cool gadgets for your desk - Ideal as a gift!
First White Headset In Canyon's Portfolio
To chat or to listen to music, this headset it practical and affordable.
All practical and needed accessories at hand!
Ideal when traveling with your notebook or netbook.
More colors, more fun, more YOU!
Septembrie 18, 2009 More colors, more fun, more YOU!
Canyon presents new earbuds with aluminum detailing in blue, pink, orange or green.
True Outdoor Fun with Canyon Sports Watches
The growing movement toward better health, higher quality of life and weight loss calls for...
New Portable Photo Frames!
August 25, 2009 New Portable Photo Frames!
Cool to hang to your keychain or backpack, this is one great gadget to have.
New: Simple, but practical  bag!
Canyon introduces a new notebook bag just in time for Back-to-School.
More new Webcams!
August 03, 2009 More new Webcams!
Canyon adds two new webcams to its expanding portfolio.
Fresh New Mice!
Iulie 23, 2009 Fresh New Mice!
Canyon introduces four new mouse with a white body and metallic accents in four different colors.
The cutest webcam!
Iulie 20, 2009 The cutest webcam!
Flexible legs, arms and head with a changeable outfit - now that's a cool gadget.
New in CANYON's Portfolio!
Over 30 types of cables for audio, video and computer.
Enhanced earphones now available!
More comfort and great sound quality at a cool price.
New Lineup Makes CANYON  Your Go-To Source for Gaming Accessories
For Sony PSP™, Nintendo DS Lite™ and Wii™ and PC games.
New Desktop Microphone
Aprilie 15, 2009 New Desktop Microphone
Features a flexible stand for precise positioning.
The solution for all your cables when travelling
Ideal to connect a variety of devices to your notebook without the clutter of wires.
New White Wireless Networking Products
To optimize your network performance in style!
A New, Convenient Wireless Mouse from CANYON
Ideal to enjoy more freedom when working!
Thoughtful gifts - especially for Valentine's Day!
New portable digital photo frames from CANYON.
New Colorful, Trendy Earbuds Style Headphones
The popular CNR-EP3 is now available in a wider range of color schemes.
New Notebook Bag with fresh design
CANYON introduces a new color scheme for a bag in its portfolio.
New 'DJ Headphones' For Serious Music Lovers
CANYON has recently introduced a new product for real music enthusiasts.
New Notebook Stands to Meet Your Needs
CANYON introduces nicely designed and functional ergonomic stands.
Prevent Joint Pain with CANYON's Mouse Packs
New 'value packs': An ergonomic mouse combined with a mouse pad with wrist rest
Platinum Series Now More Complete with Updated Wi-Fi Products
Improved products with new packagings now available.
CANYON Offers You Simple, No-Nonsense Headset
For an enjoyable chatting experience, you can count on CANYON.
New Chat Packs available
August 18, 2008 New Chat Packs available
CANYON presents two new Chat Packs combining fresh design and functionality.
CANYON introduces a new 13" notebook bag to its portfolio.
Now you can do more with our new 4-ports USB Hubs!
CANYON helps you expand your possibilities with 2 new USB Hubs
CANYON introduces a new pedometer to its Sportsline
Increase your daily physical activity with this easy-to-use pedometer.
Great performance video calling with this new webcam
CANYON is happy to introduce a stand camera in its portfolio.
Canyon is happy to offer you a great outdoor instrument for a healthier lifestyle.
New stylish and practical microphone
CANYON expands its portfolio with a desktop microphone.
High-precision & quality laser mouse
This mouse is ideal for gamers or people who appreciate precise tracking.
New high-quality webcam with unique design
CANYON presents a unique design for its new webcam from the Platinum Series.
New stylish and functional mouse from CANYON
This new mouse fulfills expectations and basic needs.
To respond to an increasing demand, Canyon’s line of USB flash drives has been extended and updated.
Here is another CANYON product combining style and purpose.
CANYON introduces a new mouse
The CNR-MSL6 is ideal for gamers or anybody who appreciates precise tracking.
Play games or chat in style with our new stereo headsets.
CANYON refreshed its line of headsets with two new products.
Fresh colors for CANYON's new MP3 player
CANYON brings you trendy design once again with this new product.
CANYON aware of the market's needs
Canyon introduces two new webcams, as the market is growing strong.
A new mouse in Canyon's portfolio
Canyon focused on design, comfort and great performance.
Canyon is happy to add a new Chat Pack to its portfolio.
Speed guarenteed
Martie 31, 2008 Speed guarenteed
Canyon offers you speed and effectiveness with this new network card.
Two new models of the white-orange PC have been produced in March
8 new notebook bags
Februarie 21, 2008 8 new notebook bags
Canyon introduces backpacks, carrying bags and a trolley so there's a bag for everyone.
Februarie 11, 2008 White PC accessories
As a result of the big success of the white-orange desktop PC, Canyon also offers all accessories separately.
Februarie 04, 2008 CNR-HP1 Noise-cancelling
Headphone suitable for various devices with unique noise-cancelling technique.
CNR-PC1 Desktop PC
Ianuarie 30, 2008 CNR-PC1 Desktop PC
This trendy multimedia PC has both a great design and the latest technology.
Noiembrie 20, 2007 CNR-MPV5 Multimedia player
Ideal compact video & music player that can also display your pictures.
Canyon CNS-GPS2 GPS Sports Watch
Noiembrie 05, 2007 CNS-GPS2 GPS Sports Watch
The GPS Sports Watch enables you to use GPS during sports activities.
Octombrie 08, 2007 CNR-WT3 2-way radio set
If you are looking for a easy-to-use quality 2-way radio, than this is the one!
Septembrie 25, 2007 CNR-MSOPTW4 Wireless mouse
Easy to use 800 dpi wireless mouse guarantees optimal satisfaction.
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